We are the network VC

But in particular we are La Famiglia – a VC fund backed by a family of successful digital entrepreneurs, business angels, family businesses and industry leaders who nurture great founders through networks, unfair advantages & capital.

The vision thing

We believe it pays to be different. We seek ideas that enable radical change, not the safer/easier/more profitable next copycat. We believe contrarian investments outperform conformist investments.

„In fact, what we follow by following these visions is a force, set at the thin line between outburst and a balancing walk on the edge of cliff.“
— Anselm Kiefer

People, not sectors

We are interested in people with massive passion who take risks to build companies that transform markets.


The importance of money decreases in venture business

Access is becoming key. La Famiglia puts money where talent is, crossing traditional boundaries. Our business angels and entrepreneurs support our founders by bringing in operational knowledge. Our industry leaders and magnates from the „old economy“ bring in powerful global reach, capital and scale.